Becoming the voice of the Spirit with Colin Bates | Wednesday 20th of March

Understanding the naturalness of the unfolding process of mediumship can often be frustrating, in its simplest form, mediumship is the ability to become one with the spirit, for a short while to become the voice of those who have moved into a different state of existence through that moment we call death. It is not an ending but a continuation of the journey, the spirit world is a world of light and mind where we continue to exist.

  • Mediumship and Spiritual development 
  • Explore the power of prophecy & seership 
  • The mystic and the prophet 
  • How to create sacred space to build inner strength and harmony 
  • Understanding and creating the mystical experience 
  • Prayer and meditation 


  • This workshop is suitable for all levels of development and gives you the opportunity to have a wonderful day with the fabulous Colin Bates. This workshop can be combined with the workshops on Tuesday and/or Thursday.
  • If you attend the Wednesday or Thursday then you can book the demonstration of mediumship on the Wednesday evening (for those coming for the Thursday workshop you can book a room at the Zwanenhof).
  • If you attend the Thursday workshop with Nicole, then you can book the trance demonstration in the evening. It is up to you if you wish to book one workshop or more possibly in combination with two wonderful evenings. 
  • The places for the trance demonstration are only accessible to the students of the Next Step week and those who attend the Thursday workshop.
  • Maximum 16 students


  • € 89,50 Course fee for a one-day-workshop, including lunch and coffee/tea
  • € 57,00 Overnight stay, including breakfast
  • € 18,50 Dinner (we cater for dietary requirements)
  • € 72,50 Dinner + overnight stay, including breakfast
  • € 15,00 Demonstration mediumship on Wednesday evening 20th of March from 19.30 - 21.00
  • € 10,00 Trance Demonstration on Thursday evening 21st of March from 19.30 - 21.00

You can make your own choices in this way and it is always possible to book a transfer bus from Schiphol as well.
Bookings need to be made by phone +31742659625 or