Trance Healing feb '18

Teachers: Jackie Wright & Darren Brittain

Are you a Healer and do you want to take your healing to the next level? Are you interested in Trance and understanding what Trance really means?
Working with the healing energies of the Spirit world is a beautiful experience and an act of service to Mankind.Combining that beautiful healing power with the power of Trance is an exciting and humbling journey to take part in. Are you ready for that?

If you would like to understand more about Trance healing and to know how to recognise the difference between the altered states, Trance and Trance control why not come along and join my experienced team of tutors who will guide you through this magical experience.
You will receive both theory and practice during this week, which will be intensive but rewarding.

Course Organizer

Jackie Wright


Mixed Levels

Practical Info

  • For those who maybe need to travel earlier or stay later, particularly those of you travelling from USA, Canada and Australia it is possible to book extra days. A pick up service from Amsterdam airport to De Zwanenhof is available. Why not book your self time and enjoy the beautifull city of Amsterdam.
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You can select one of the following prices (including course fee, all meals, coffee/tea):

595,00 Basic price without a room and breakfast
615,00 Based on a shared triple room with shower and toilet
645,00 Based on a shared double room with shower and toilet - or a single room without shower and toilet (avaiable in the corridor)
695,00 Based on a single room with shower and toilet


The following options are available for this event:

6% of registration Cancellation insurance