Open Weekend Mediumship '19

Following the success of previous years...

Also in 2019, there will be open mediumship days at De Zwanenhof this year too. During these days you can spend some time getting to know the many aspects of mediumship and healing. Several mediums, most of them are teachers from the famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, will be providing an ongoing program with demonstrations, healings, lectures and private consultations.
All of this will take place in the beautiful old chapel and the charming chambers of De Zwanenhof.

An ideal opportunity to get acquainted with mediumship as well as with the mediums!!!
For an entrance fee of € 25,- (per day) you can attend demonstrations, throughout the day, during which contact will be made with loved ones who have passed on.
During the lectures you can find out more about different aspects of mediumship. Healings will be available continuously. Would you like to deepen your knowledge further at home? Then you can visit our Book store which has books on mediumship and meditation CD’s to help you to immerse in the subject matter and to develop further. There is extensive information on the courses and the training possibilities in the field of mediumistic and intuitive development.

Extra’s & Practical

  • You can book a private consultation with a medium if you wish. This cost’s € 35,- for a 20 minute sitting or reading. 
  • € 45,- for a sitting during which your aura photo is read (20 minutes) 
  • € 50,- for a (30 minutes) sitting during which a drawing is made of a diseased loved-one (spirit art) 
  • € 50,- for a (30 minutes) sitting during which the medium will work with encaustic wax 
  • There are a few Dutch speaking mediums available for the private consultations and demonstrations. The rest of the program is mainly in English, but part of the program will be translated to Dutch and German 
  • The sittings can only be booked on the day, on the spot - full is full. 
  • If you have come a long distance you can spend a night here on Friday or Saturday. 
  • You can also book yourself in for a lunch on Saturday or Sunday or for a dinner on Friday or Saturday.

In short, a day to potter around in the charming surroundings of De Zwanenhof and to discover many of the things which mediumship has to offer.


You can select one of the following prices (including course fee, all meals, coffee/tea):

25,00 Entrance per day


The following options are available for this event:

55,00 Overnight Fr 31 st August, incl. breakfast
9,50 Lunch saturday
17,50 Dinner saturday
55,00 Overnight saturday 1 st Sep, incl. breakfast
9,50 Lunch sunday
17,50 Dinner sunday
55,00 Overnight sunday, incl. breakfast


31 August 2019 from 08:00 until 20:00 Register
1 September 2019 from 08:00 until 20:00 Register