The Circle & Seance Room '19

Teachers: Nicole de Haas, Philip Dykes

After the success of organizing two days for people interested in the development within a trance or physical Circle and the increasing interest in the amazing and beautiful form of physical mediumship, this weekend is new in the program and a very exciting opportunity to explore, experience and share all that the Spirit World has to offer us in the right conditions in the seance room.

This is your chance to learn more about the Home Circle and to be in touch directly with people in the Spirit World. You will see how the room is prepared, there is attention for safety and roles in the Circle and you will see how the sitters become a crucial part of the energy and how important the Circle is as a whole. Being a Circle member yourself you will be shown how to create the ideal environment and conditions for the best possible opportunity to obtain direct communication with the Spirit World through trance and physical mediumship.

This weekend will be a weekend where people from different Circles will sit for and with each other under guidance and the experience of Nicole and Philip so that they can give every Circle and individual circle member advice, guidance and support to help to create the best possible conditions for the Spirit World to make themselves known in the seance room. Nicole and Philip will guide and help you to identify any problem you might have in the Circle in your trance or physical development. 

Nicole de Haas is a physical medium and during the weekend Nicole will provide a seance of physical mediumship herself. During this weekend she will be in close touch with her own Spirit team and allow them to bring the inspiration to connect, to motivate and help to give trance and physical mediumship the place and appreciation (back) that it deserves. It is the Home Circle where the magic begins! 

Because of the limited places in the séance room and the personal attention for each unique Circle, there will be limited places on this course so don’t wait too long with your bookings for this unique weekend! It is important that you feel safe working and sitting in darkened conditions within the séance room as well and that you are already a circle member or medium sitting in a Circle.

Course Organizer

Nicole de Haas


Mixed Levels

Practical information

  • Especially for the international participants there is the possibility to book for a pick-up service from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
  • Click here for the conditions of payment and cancellation.
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You can select one of the following prices (including course fee, all meals, coffee/tea):

395,00 Basic price without a room and breakfast
415,00 Based on a shared triple room with shower and toilet
445,00 Based on a shared double room with shower and toilet - or a single room without shower and toilet (avaiable in the corridor)
495,00 Based on a single room with shower and toilet


The following options are available for this event:

6% of registration Cancellation insurance


14 – 17 June 2019 from 16:30 until 16:00 Register