Demonstrating Mediumship -19

Teachers: Andy Byng, John Johnson, Philip Dykes

This course is for those already working as Demonstrating Mediums or for those who are planning on making the next step to working publicly. 

Presenting mediumship professionally and effectively is vital, as it ensures that your work has the utmost impact and helps you to establish a confidence and rapport with your audience, which therefore helps enormously in creating a good energy in which to work. The course will look at different demonstration styles - going direct to your recipient, or opening the contact out to the whole audience - and students will have the opportunity to practice how to use both styles, and when each style should be used. 

We will also look at more general presentation skills: voice projection, how to use the voice effectively; body language, how to present oneself in a more positive and confident manner, and most importantly, how to bring your own ‘individuality’ into your mediumship. We shall look at your mediumship in general, make practical assessments of your evidence and give you constructive criticism to help you move forward. 
We shall also look at ways of improving your evidence and of building closer and more solid contacts, aiming to make your mediumship step up to a higher level. Practice demonstrations will be organized to give students the chance to practice what they have learned in front of an audience.

The teachers will be there to help and guide you throughout the demonstrations. This course will be fun but a lot of hard work, and is aimed at those who really want to improve their demonstrating skills, aiming for high standards within their public demonstrating.

Course Organizer

Andy Byng


Intermediate & Advanced

Practical information

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14 – 19 July 2019 from 15:00 until 13:00 Register