The Scottish & International Gathering

Teachres: Philip Dykes, Kerry McLeod & Nicole de Haas

You, Your Mediumship and Trance

The way we work and present our mediumship has evolved over the years, people’s needs, and expectations have changed, the tutors of this week have all been selected for their knowledge and experience in their fields, from transformational coaching, mental mediumship and trance/physical mediumship to meet these needs of today.

This week offers the opportunity for students to be on either a mediumship or trance course, with students being able to discover the true self through personal growth looking to further their ability. Through the week there will be groups sessions on aspects of mental mediumship and personal development to see what is getting in the way, workgroups and daily lectures to construct a solid foundation. For those that are wishing to develop trance, this week will allow you to experience levels of the altered states, focusing on trance healing and trance speaking. In addition, there will be a demonstration of mediumship and an experimental evening of trance/physical mediumship.

This week is a perfect opportunity to unfold your mediumistic and spiritual development in a positive environment to inspire confidence, while supported by a team of tutors who have a wonderful knowledge and can be influenced by their own teams in the spirit world to enhance the individual’s strength and talent and a deeper delve into self to unlock that spiritual essence.

This week will also allow you to experience deeper levels of understanding of the self, your mediumship and the altered states. You will gain a greater understanding of spirit communication and further develop trust. By gaining an insight into self you gain an insight into your mediumship and the trance states. This week is about a unique way bringing cultures, understanding and friendship, in a way that the old Scottish customs of clan gatherings did in the past, sharing times and knowledge and spiritual togetherness.

Course Organizer

Philip Dykes


Mixed Levels

Practical information

  • Especially for the international participants there is the possibility to book for a pick-up service from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
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595,00 Basic price without a room and breakfast
615,00 Based on a shared triple room with shower and toilet
645,00 Based on a shared double room with shower and toilet - or a single room without shower and toilet (avaiable in the corridor)
695,00 Based on a single room with shower and toilet


The following options are available for this event:

6% of registration Cancellation insurance


18 – 23 August 2019 from 15:00 until 13:00 Register