“The experimental Trance Circle” with Nicole de Haas | Thursday 21st of March

“Each time we gather in Circles with each other, the world heals a little more”

This workshop gives you the opportunity to sit in an Open Circle where we sit for the Spirit world and experience different expressions of working with the unseen world. Whether it is through inspiration, trance communication or healing. As a sitter, you become a crucial part of the energy and you will experience how important the Circle is as a whole. Being a Circle member yourself you will be shown how to create the ideal environment and conditions for the best possible opportunity to get that closeness and oneness with the unseen world. If you wish to join or create a circle for development yourself, then I can help you get started and hopefully you will leave this workshop uplifted and inspired to continue to sit and develop yourself within the safety, harmony and love of a Circle. You are very welcome to join this special day!


  • If you attend this workshop then it is possible to book a place for the trance demonstration in the evening as well. This can be combined with the other workshops and/or demonstration of mediumship on the Wednesday evening
  • It is always possible to book a room at the Zwanenhof and to make your own arrangements
  • Maximum 14 students


  • € 89,50 Course fee for a one-day-workshop, including lunch and coffee/tea
  • € 57,00 Overnight stay, including breakfast
  • € 18,50 Dinner (we cater for dietary requirements)
  • € 72,50 Dinner + overnight stay, including breakfast
  • € 15,00 Demonstration mediumship on Wednesday evening 20th of March from 19.30 - 21.00
  • € 10,00 Trance Demonstration on Thursday evening 21st of March from 19.30 - 21.00

You can make your own choices in this way and it is always possible to book a transfer bus from Schiphol as well.
Bookings need to be made by phone +31742659625 or info@zwanenhof.nl