Journey through Trance and Physical Mediumship | November Sat 10th & Sun 11th

There is a waitinglist for the Trance and Physical week at the Zwanenhof in December. This weekend can be a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to explore this special field of mediumship. Also if you wish to get a taste of what this field has to offer to you before doing a whole week, then this weekend is a great opportunity!

During the weekend Nicole will not only give you knowledge and understanding about the trance states and physical mediumship. Also she will take you on a journey so that you can experience for yourself the possibilities. If you are part of a development circle or wish to gain more information on sitting in a circle, then this will be discussed as well.

This is a wonderful opportunity if you cannot do a whole week on Trance and Physical and still have the desire to explore and experience all that this amazing field has to offer you. This weekend, the classes will take place in the séance room. If you don’t like sitting in the dark, then this weekend is not for you as part of the weekend we will sit in those conditions. After the course on Sunday, it is possible to attend an experimental séance. The séance is only accessible if you have booked and attended the whole weekend. And exclusive opportunity! Physical mediumship is rare and there are only a handful working physical mediums in the world. In 2018 and 2019, Nicole only provides séances at the Zwanenhof.

Physical mediumship can be dangerous to the medium. Therefor safety precautions are taken at all times. If you wish to attend the séance after the weekend, then you are asked to sign a contract. In this contract everything will be explained to you. Also you need to attend the pre séance talk before the séance takes place on the Sunday evening at 7 pm and you will be checked before going into the séance room. All of these are normal and important procedures for physical mediums who take their work and health seriously. We cannot take any risk, but being able to attend a séance gives you the opportunity to come closer to the Spirit World than ever.

Practical & Costs

  • € 220,- for the weekend workshop (10 and 11 November), incl. lunch, coffee/tea, light diner on sunday evening and the seance on the sunday evening. Excl. overnight stay, you have to boo it seperate.
  • € 55,- One night in single ensuite room with breakfast
  • € 70,- One night in single ensuite room with breakfast and diner night before
  • € 17,50 Diner

You can make your own choices in this way and it is always possible to book a transfer bus from Schiphol as well.
Bookings need to be made by phone +31742659625 or