Laura van Gilst

Since my childhood, I have always been sensitive to all kinds of ‘things’ around me. After a visit to a medium, I became aware of this and I went deeper into spirituality and mediumship in particular. I proceeded to specialise in this field; not only because of my great interest in it, but also because it personally brought me a lot. 12 years ago I started to follow classes in mediumship.

Since 2007 I have my own practice where I receive both adults and children for mediumistic sessions and coaching sessions, or a combination of both. In 2009, together with Diana Mulock Houwer, I founded the Spiritual Circle in Oud-Beijerland. We give courses, workshops and demonstrations throughout the country. In addition, we provide retreat weeks of intuitive development/mediumship in Switzerland and Belgium several times a year. I am also co-founder of the College of Life to which I am connected as a teacher of intuitive development and mediumship. After all these classes, trainings and my work in spirituality, I notice that I help others and give them not only a different vision of life in general, but also of themselves.
It's my intention to share with others what spirituality has brought me and to give them a piece of luck.