Workshop Healing Mediumship | Fri November 16th

Would you like to help people with their physical, emotional or mental problems? This workshop can be a good start or an addition to the help you already offer. Healing mediumship means that with help from the Spirit World healing energy is being given to the person in need. By attunement and blending with the Spirit World, they are able to use healing frequencies for the person that receives the healing. Healing is a passive form of mediumship. The healer connects to the client and blends with the Spirit World so that he/she can be a passive channel for the healing energy.

The connection for healing is deeper than when you work as a mental medium in the active way. There is no communication during the healing and if there is communication coming from the Spirit World, you are not on the right level in the healing process. Healing is passive, all you do is making yourself available for the Spirit World.

During this day you will receive information about healing mediumship and you can practice a lot in couples under guidance of Nicole. This day is suitable for you if you are interested in Healing Mediumship but also if you are already active in mediumship and wish to deepen that connection and relationship to the Spirit World. If your passion for healing is inspired after this day, then there are many opportunities to deepen your work as a Healer.

Practical & Costs

  • € 87,50 for 1 day workshop (15 or 16 November), including lunch, coffee and tea
  • € 55,- One night in single ensuite room with breakfast
  • € 70,- One night in single ensuite room with breakfast and diner night before
  • € 17,50 Diner

You can make your own choices in this way and it is always possible to book a transfer bus from Schiphol as well.
Bookings need to be made by phone +31742659625 or