Workshop Mediumship, the first step | Thu November 15th

We all have intuition. By developing this aspect of ourselves we become more aware and our spiritual development and personal growth is stimulated. Your view on life can change because of that deeper sense of who you are and what you can do.

During this day, you can make the next step and start exploring your mediumship. We learn how to blend and connect to the Spirit World, we learn how to communicate with loved ones in Spirit using a picture, name or spontaneously. Also we learn how to “sense” the Spirit World. This moment of development is meant for people that have some experience with developing their intuitive and psychic abilities. Also those who wish to give the foundation of mediumship some extra attention and to create opportunities to practice are very welcome!

If you wish to develop your mediumship further after this day, then there are enough possiblities to do so. Nicole will also give you guidance on how to work on your development at home.

Practical & Costs

  • € 87,50 for 1 day workshop (15 or 16 November), including lunch, coffee and tea
  • € 55,- One night in single ensuite room with breakfast
  • € 70,- One night in single ensuite room with breakfast and diner night before
  • € 17,50 Diner

You can make your own choices in this way and it is always possible to book a transfer bus from Schiphol as well.
Bookings need to be made by phone +31742659625 or